A Happy Home

Nobody likes housework, but everybody feels better when their home is lovely and clean. I always feel happier in a clean house, and that’s why I’ve developed a routine to make sure that everything gets done. Once you get into a tidying rhythm, you find that you have a lot more time to spend doing the things that you enjoy – staying on top of the household chores means you don’t have to spend a whole day doing a deep clean.

Why do you need to keep your home clean?

house wife cleaning the carpet

Firstly, good cleaning makes sure that there are no germs around to suppress your immune system and make you ill. If you keep your surfaces bacteria free you can make sure that you don’t get sick. One of the best ways to make sure that hardwood surfaces stay clean is to use steam and I’m really looking forward to getting my steam mop for my floors so that I can get rid of the bacteria there. Nice clean floors are just one way of making sure that I stay fit and healthy.

Another reason is to make sure that the air quality stays good inside the home. Poor quality indoor air leads to asthma and allergies as well as respiratory problems and dust, dander and mildew are key causes.

Of course, it also goes without saying that a clean home is an attractive one. Being organized makes your home more beautiful and you won’t be looking a sink full of dirty dishes and piles of junk. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on your lovely furnishings.

Keeping your home clean helps to reduce stress and improve your state of mind. It’s actually a great way to improve your mental health since dirty and grime can put you in a worse mood and clutter causes depression.

You’ll actually end up saving time if you keep your home clean. You waste loads of time looking for items which you’ve misplaced in the junk. If you keep your home organized, you’ll know where everything is.

Some top tips to keeping your home tidy:

man cleaning the table and woman fixing the dishes

Focus on a single area per day. Deep cleaning a single room one day a week is easier than deep cleaning all of them once a week.

Involve the whole family – everyone lives in the house so everyone should clean it. Establish a routine so each member of the family knows what is expected.

Outsource – if you can afford it, hire professional help to clean carpets or do laundry.

Buy organizational furniture – getting stylish storage furnishings will help you to keep everything in order. Coat hooks, bookshelves, storage ottomans and attractive baskets will keep things in order and out of sight.

Avoid making a mess in the first place. Have a set place for your coat, purse, mail, phone and keys. Tackle your paperwork before it piles up and washes used plates straight away.

Although keeping your home clean may sound like an onerous task, once you’re on top of your game it’s much easier to stay organized in the long term.