Top 3 Famous Events in World History

Great men lived their lives but made the lives of others difficult. However, history is beyond battles and wars. An event is considered historic because it changed the lives of human beings. Just think of life without a telephone, and you will notice that the discovery of cell phones is historic. Here are three of the most historic events in world history and how they changed the world, which is why they qualify to be called ‘Historic.’

1. The 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks

Almost everyone knows of the four planes that got hijacked by terrorists and killed many people in the US city of New York in 2001. The events changed the world by triggering the war on terrorism globally. Antiterrorism laws were enacted as a result of these attacks. Muslims faced discrimination in majority Christian countries and the gap between Christianity and Islam grew bigger. The invasion of both Iraq and Afghanistan by the US was also motivated by the bombings. The reaction of the world towards terrorism changed and stock markets closed for over a week.

2. The Birth of Christianity

The birth of Christianity changed the world by bringing concepts of the devil, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Christianity came from early Paganism and Jewish Culture. It made people literate and that is why many educated persons had to learn it first. Health Centers, Schools and Welfare Centers were run by Missionaries. The Bible became the strongest book in the world and the Roman Catholic Church gained the highest number of believers.

3. The Invasion of Poland by Germany

Germany’s Invasion of Poland led to a growing war that eventually caused the Hiroshima atomic bomb. France and the UK declared war on Germany after Poland’s invasion by Adolf Hitler, leading to the second world war. The Soviet Union and the United States emerged as the planet’s superpowers almost immediately. Germany was partitioned into West and East and was occupied by the Allies and the Soviets respectively. Europe remained with fewer countries as Britain and France gained independence. The war also triggered the Arms Race and the Cold war and lead to the formation of the United Nations.

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